I am not a veterinarian

I take it as a compliment. People consult me all the time, especially about their cats and occasionally dogs, wondering if I can tell them what ails the critter in question. Or whether there is something they can give – holistic, herbal, OTC stuff, whatever – that will solve the problem they’ve self-diagnosed their pet…Read more »

Snow Dog!

This is our first winter with Bodhi, and today was the first real snow we’ve had. Bodhi is overjoyed! Who knew we had a snow dog? He’s like a six-month old out there, even though he’s around five. He’s had a banner week, running in the fields with the bells, and now the snow. And…Read more »

Vanessa Update

Some of you may be wondering how Vanessa is doing. (And, if you’re not, just skip this post!) She’s doing very well, thankfully. She is still wobbly, but she can stand on her back legs and put her front legs up on things. She can’t seem to hop up on anything, but she did use…Read more »