Some of you may be wondering how Vanessa is doing. (And, if you’re not, just skip this post!)

She’s doing very well, thankfully. She is still wobbly, but she can stand on her back legs and put her front legs up on things. She can’t seem to hop up on anything, but she did use her back legs to “climb” a pillow to reach the radiator and window sill the other day, and she used those back legs on the pillow to get herself down too. I was impressed!


She’s a big fan of feather toys, and it’s fun to watch her play. She hasn’t moved around all that much until today, but she’s more active this afternoon and that’s encouraging. We want to see her using and strengthening those muscles. I had a hard time getting photos today as she kept following me around. Very cute.

Thanks to an amazing blogging buddy here on WordPress, Vanessa landed herself a spot in a great shelter that has a special needs room, and they adopt out special needs pets as well, so paws crossed that she will get herself a really good home as time moves on. And if she ends up recovering from the wobbles, even better. She has one more vet visit Tuesday for her vaccinations and medical clearance, and hopefully she’s off to her new home on Wednesday. Details to follow!

She continues to be an utter sweetie, and even puts her paws up on my legs looking for pet while I’m working at the computer. Very people oriented, but she didn’t seem to mind any of my cats when she saw them either. Bodhi startled her a little…don’t know if she’s ever seen a dog or not! But she recovered quickly. She’s going to make someone out there very happy.






15 thoughts on “Vanessa Update

  1. Does the vet have any idea what happened to her legs? I hope she does ok in the special needs room after all the special attention she gets from you. Sweet little thing and so lucky your group rescued her.

    1. We don’t have any way of knowing what happened to her, but I am cautiously optimistic about her recovery. Especially since, after she gets used to her new digs, she will have other cats to engage with. That will be good for her.

      1. Good thought. She needs more playmates. I hope she gets some level of function back. My new one is not a jumper. Doesn’t like high places. Will only go as far as a chair — no cat tree tops. So odd for a cat.

  2. Hooray!! So happy things are working out for Vanessa. ❤️ And can’t wait to meet her and hug her up!! I will be sure to have feather toys on hand. 🙂

    1. She will be in such good hands with all of you. I’m so glad you’ll get to hug her up and watch her progress,

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