It was both a sad and a happy day today. Vanessa was accepted at the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation, into their special needs room for cats, where she can continue to recover. Today we took her over to continue on to the next stage of her journey, one that hopefully ends with her getting a wonderful furever home.


She had a wonderful vet visit just yesterday. She is walking soooooo much better, and we are all optimistic that she may recover fully given some more time. She had gained two pounds in two weeks, so her hips – that were sticking out wildly from her body when we first got her – are now just looking scrawny instead of emaciated. She needs another couple pounds, but she is definitely eating and putting the weight back on.

She’s also getting some muscle mass back. She actually managed to escape from my office a couple evenings ago, and get herself down a flight of stairs before I realized she was off and about the house. Give her some more time, and I expect great things from her.

She was pretty scared being transported today, and cried the whole way over to the shelter, which kinda broke my heart. I think she thought she was home for good, and she was pretty happy in my office. She has a lovely room at the shelter, and will get to mix with the other cats as she adjusts. In the meantime, she has a cage that is bigger than the dog crate she had here, and tons of windows and light. When the temps get warm, if she’s still there by then, she will have an outside deck to hang out on. There are about a zillion cat beds and trees in her room. Life is going to be very sweet for her.

DTCC is not a rescue organization, so we are incredibly grateful for partners like the Helen Krause Animal Foundation, that help us put cats in a situation where they will be able to get great homes. I am going to miss that sweet little girl, but one of my blogging buddies will be keeping an eye on her and sending me occasional reports. Seven cats of our own is plenty for now, or we might have thought of keeping her, but we have a couple bullies in the house and a tipsy cat would be a bad match for them!

God speed, sweet Vanessa. I hope you worm your way into some really warm-hearted, lovely person who will treasure you for all your days!


14 thoughts on “Vanessa: The Next Stage

    1. Absolutely. I’m hoping she gets the perfect home for her. She deserves a great place to live with folks who love her.

  1. Glad/sad Vanessa is on her way, but it appears she is on ‘life’ 3 with 6 more to go! Lots of love at her back. God speed little one 🙂

  2. I have such mixed feelings. She was a sweetheart and if you say the rescue is wonderful, then I will believe it. Cats don’t like change but they also are survivors. So glad someone reported her to you so your team could help.

    1. I know the mixed feelings, but it really is a great place with incredible folks. She’ll have a good time being out of the cage and with other cats, and I know she’ll find a great home.

  3. I can imagine the mixed feelings! We will all be pulling for Vanessa, doing everything we can to ensure that things go smoothly for her as she continues to improve and as she gets to know her new roommates. She will receive a lot of love, good care, and attention at HOKAFI.  ❤️

    1. I know she will get great care. Hope you fall in love with her! She was so stressed yesterday, but I know she’ll relax and be the sweetie I came to know and love!

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