This is our first winter with Bodhi, and today was the first real snow we’ve had. Bodhi is overjoyed! Who knew we had a snow dog? He’s like a six-month old out there, even though he’s around five. He’s had a banner week, running in the fields with the bells, and now the snow. And the snow is pretty safe for a blind dog running…many fewer obstacles. I don’t think he could get much happier! Here are some photos…not very good ones…but tried to get them before the sun went too much further down. I have much to learn about action shots still.






Wish I had half his energy!

16 thoughts on “Snow Dog!

  1. Great to see him just having a ball. Our Ray will be 6 soon, and he is much the same in cold weather. He acts like an overgrown puppy… and such a joy to watch! 🙂

  2. Looks like Bodhi had a great time! My Goldens – Angel Callie and Shadow – loved the snow when they were younger. Now our sweet Callie is in Heaven and Shadow doesn’t really care for the snow much any more. Ducky loves it – when it first comes down and before the ice storms ruin it.

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