Trapping 2017: What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, our little Persian is doing much better, but please don’t tell the poor guy he’s naked. We’re hoping he won’t notice.





Terrible photo, but my phone camera doesn’t do a great job. Still, you get the idea.

We named the guy (it is a guy) Beck, and it turns out he is only around three years old, and pretty healthy. He was intact…he isn’t anymore! While they had him under they neutered the guy, shaved him down, and treated some pretty nasty ear mites. The wounds behind his ear are from scratching his ears, so he had an antibiotic for that. And dewormer. And flea meds. Rabies and distemper shots. The full treatment. He’s negative for FIV/FELV which is always good. The eye injury is old, and there’s nothing to do for it at this time. With his new cut, he looks pretty silly, but I bet he feels a whole lot better.

He is one sweet little guy too, and leans into your hand if you pet his chin or head. He’s all settled for the night with some lovely fleece to sleep in, plenty of food and water, and his own personal litter box. His dog crate is right over a baseboard heating unit, so he’s plenty warm and cozy for the night. After all he’s been through I bet he’ll sleep soundly.

I actually got to make two visits to the vet’s offices today. One of the cats we trapped this afternoon was missing lots of fur, usually the sign of lice. Lice it was, so she has been treated, and she’ll probably feel a whole lot better too. And even though I know cat lice is not contagious to people, I itch anyway. Just the thought of lice makes me want to scratch. May have to get myself a shower before bed.

Four kitties caught…four to go.


10 thoughts on “Trapping 2017: What a Difference a Day Makes

    1. Thanks, Rob. He was in very good hands, and his life is going to improve drastically at this point.

  1. I, too, enjoy the success stories. Smiles for Beck, and hopes that he’s not headed back outside alone. His fur makes me ache for him…..

    1. He won’t go back outside. There are so many people who want to adopt a Persian. As soon as he is well enough he will get a home in no time.

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