Beck says to thank you all for your good thoughts on his behalf. He’s doing very well these days. He got to spend a couple days at the vet’s last week, but is back hanging with me for a bit until he heads to a really fabulous foster situation where he will get loads of attention. If there’s one thing Beck loves, it’s loads of attention and he’s not afraid to demand it.

We trapped Beck on Sunday 3/5, and because he was matted beyond belief, and had wounds behind his ears, he went right to surgery the next day, getting neutered along with everything else. By Wednesday he had only eaten a few teaspoons of food, and only grudgingly at that, so back to the vet we went. He was constipated big time, and wasn’t eating because there was no room at the inn for food. He had a mild fever as well, and was pretty lethargic. (We didn’t really know he was lethargic then…but we do now!) After some kitty enemas and appetite stimulants for a couple days, he was back with me.

He is a totally different cat than the one we trapped. He is full of energy, as befits a three year old cat, and eating like a pig and pooping daily. (It doesn’t take much to make me happy, does it?!) He is very sweet, but also quite demanding when it comes to attention. Getting anything done in the office while he’s out of his crate is pretty much out of the question. He will, however, let me work for a little while if he can sit on the chair with me. I get the front half of the chair, and he gets the back half.  And then he stands up and puts his paws on the back of my shoulders to see what I’m doing on the computer, and work becomes impossible. He loves behind held – like a baby, or propped up on my shoulder – all good to him.


His ear wounds are healing up, and he’s getting a little peach fuzz to start that Persian fur coat going again. He loves nothing more than head bumps and pets around the face and chin, and he adores the cat dancer. We had no idea how closed down he was when we trapped him, and it is lovely to see a sweet and happy cat emerge from the one who was lost or dumped, or whatever it was that happened to him. He probably wouldn’t have made it if he hadn’t been lucky enough to be trapped.

He heads off to a perfect foster situation on Monday where he will be appropriately adored and enjoyed (and did I mention adored…he likes being adored), and from there to a rescue and a real home. Someone is going to be very lucky to have this guy as part of their household. Happy life, sweet Beck!


10 thoughts on “Trapping 2017: Beck Update

  1. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston (my two furry protagonists) and myself wish Beck all the very best. Kind regards from the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. Meow, purr purr and once again, all the best. 🙂

  2. Just love these happy ending rescue stories…Made my day!

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  3. He looks so at peace- thanks for the update and a great way to start the week.

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