Bodhi in the Snow, cont.

I had to do a little playing with one of Bodhi’s snow shots. Seemed like there was more to do with it, and there’s probably even more if I knew more about Photoshop, but I’m learning. (I erased his leash, how’s that?!) For those of you who don’t know, Bodhi is blind, which is why his eyes look odd here. His eyes are just a blank slate, so they look a little unusual in photographs. Weird eyes aside, you can still tell the boy was having fun!

First version and then my new one below it.


5 thoughts on “Bodhi in the Snow, cont.

  1. I enjoy Photoshop. My older two cats reflect the camera flash weirdly but I have learned how to fix it (to some degree) in Photoshop. Saves many a picture that would otherwise look weird. Bodhi’s eyes look all black. At their worst my cats’ eyes look silvery. Very eerie. Maybe cataracts.

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