Last week fifteen wonderful volunteers gathered and gave the Derry Township Community Cats cat house (yes, we call it the cat house) a spring cleaning. Just in time for our newest short-term resident to check in. Meet Sam.

Sam was being fed by a kindly caretaker who noticed he wasn’t very well, and she did a wonderful job of trapping him. DTCC doesn’t generally care for sick cats (though I wish we had the finances to do so!) but when cats come in as part of a TNR trapping week and they’re ill, they hit the jackpot. This poor guy came in last night, and we settled him in the sparkling clean cat house overnight, and then got him to our amazing vet this morning.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find out that he is FIV+. You can hear him breathing from the other side of the room, and when the vet looked in his mouth today it was full of lesions, even on his tongue. No wonder the poor guy can’t eat kibble. He hasn’t groomed himself in a very long time (due to the lesions, no doubt) so he stinks and is matted all over. Ear mites galore, and who knows what internal parasites. And the guy is intact, which probably means he was out fighting and got the FIV that way.

Luckily, he’s a sweet guy, as you can sort of tell from his photo taken at the vet’s office. He’s Mr. Mellow, and didn’t even mind being trapped…just kept eating the canned food at the back of the trap (our super duper trapping food – shrimp and fish…who is going to turn down that meal?) He’s very happy to eat canned food, and even ate a whole can at the vet’s office. (What cat does that??)

So, first things first for the guy. We can’t deal with any kind of surgery (neutering and cleaning him up) until his congestion is a good bit better, so he’s on an antibiotic for a couple weeks to see if we can help with that and the lesions. Some Revolution to deal with some internal parasites and ear mites, plus some ear mite medicine to help him be more comfortable. And all the food he wants to eat.

He’s got our king-sized dog crate for now, right next to the window so he can watch what’s going on outside. Lots of fleece to sleep in, and room service for litter, food, and water twice daily. And a nice warm and sparkly clean cat house to hang out in. And that’s a whole lot better than living outside for this guy. He won’t be going back out. I’m not sure where he will land yet, and that may depend on how well he responds to treatment. But one way or another his outdoor days are done. Welcome to the cat house, Sam. Enjoy your stay.


10 thoughts on “Sam

    1. He could probably have gone on a good while with the caretaker feeding him, but quality of life would have been a whole other question.

  1. Another happy ending. I was hoping he wouldn’t be put back out for a variety of reasons including spreading FIV to more cats. With his personality, he deserves happiness without mouth sores. I bet he thinks he hit the lottery with all those cans of cat food coming his way.

    1. He is sweet, though not too thrilled to be in a big dog crate all the time. But better that than outside !

  2. I am praying for him to feel better! I am so glad that I follow your blog! This reminds me of my old cat Boo. She died of fatty liver… Let’s hope no other cats die the same way!

    1. Thanks, Sam is doing much better. And so sorry to hear about your cat…not a nice disease.

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