The kittens are doing well. All are gaining weight – up to 5 ounces at one week old. The eyes aren’t yet starting to open, but they are moving themselves around, dragging mostly but they are starting to stand a little. They prefer to be touching each other and utter little cries if they get separated from everyone. They still sleep and eat mostly, but here and there they are a little active. The tuxedo kitten, in particular, is the great explorer and climbed up on mom’s food dish one day. With their pudgy, full little bellies, they are an adorable group. Four boys and one girl, we think.

9 thoughts on “Now We Are One (Week Old)

  1. Thank you for your updates! I loved seeing how they were doing this morning! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of them and their mommy!

  2. Adorable!! Love the picture with mama cat. By the way, you will be happy to learn that someone has applied to adopt Vanessa!! 😊

    1. I am so excited to hear Vanessa has a potential adopter!! I keep looking at the website and wishing she would find a home soon. Love that cat!

    1. She does, and she’s not as into the kittens as some other cats! She has a shelf in the crate that she hangs out on when she’s not nursing. But she feeds regularly, and perhaps when they do anything besides sleep she’ll engage a bit more. We’ll see.

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