Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Week

We’re away for a week of R&R, and Bodhi got to join us this time. A friend has a beach home and she was kind enough to let us use it and bring Bodhi for his first beach adventure. So far he seems to enjoy it, but there’s very little that Bodhi doesn’t enjoy. We brought a sheet along to cover the couch, so we wouldn’t leave dog hair all over, and Bodhi has settled there with Marley, as he does as home, and he’s taken to the beach and ocean as if he’s always known it. Such an easy traveler. Life is good.



8 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicles: Beach Week

  1. Considering he is blind, he is such an amazing dog! Doesn’t seem to fear what he can’t see.

  2. I’m so glad you & Marley adopted Bodhi! You’ve given a great re-start on life that he so richly deserves. ❤️🐾

  3. Constance Wagner

    How cool- Between the new sounds of waves and smells of the surf, I bet his neurons are firing a mile a nano-second! Enjoy!

  4. It’s so good that you are caring for him!

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