Butt Baths

Rescue work is so glamorous!! Our Derry Township Community Cats group took in 6 kittens as an emergency placement for a couple weeks to help our one of our rescue partners. All of them have diarrhea, of course! So spent this morning giving butt baths. This is a terrible photo, but will give you the idea about what our little guests thought of the process.

They were unhappy (and loud) campers, but they will feel so much better without all that poop stuck to them. Their abdomens were totally bloated with worms, so they were all dewormed yesterday, and a fecal sent off to the vet. Hopefully they will feel better soon. They’re sure eating like little piggies, and are wrestling and chasing and having a wonderful time.

14 thoughts on “Butt Baths

  1. Ugh! Been there, done that!! Only my kitty boys got into an infected grasshopper with some sort of parasite. Persian kittens + diarrhea = ugh!

  2. Well, perhaps it will lead to good karma, or I should say, better karma, because you all are at the front of the line already!

    1. Hehe!! The butt baths are self defense for us and the kittens! Don’t want butt rashes next.

  3. I have to do that to Mollie, my long-haired cat, once a year. Usually her poops are solid and don’t stick but if they get soft, yo mama! She’s also not as easy to handle as a kitten. I’ve started “trimming” her backside. She doesn’t like that either but it’s easier for both of us.

    1. The genteel term for that trimming is a “sanitary groom.” Doesn’t that sound genteel??

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