The babies are getting so big. I think they’ve all hit the 1 pound limit or very close. They look so much more like cats now. They are active and LOUD!! They are super-social, having been handled by us since their first day out of the womb, and when they want to be picked up they have no qualms about letting you know. No problems with lungs in this group.

They spend a little time out in a “playpen” (aka storage bin) and wrestling is the favorite activity.

And they’ve started to discover toys! Always a fun time.

And they are working their brains very hard to figure out how to get out of the playpen, which will probably not hold them for more than another week. Standing on tippy toe they can almost reach the top.

They have not started to wean yet, but we’re hoping that happens soon for momma’s sake, but she seems to be okay with her ongoing captivity. She certainly doesn’t mind the room service and gigantic portions of food, which disappear nightly. We keep offering the kittens KMR (kitten mild replacer) and a slurry of kitten food and water, but only marginal interest so far. Maybe next week…they’ll be all grown up before we know it.


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    1. They are a cute bunch. Momma is doing well but will definitely be glad to be free again!

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