The kittens are five weeks today. So much changes from week to week! They keep outgrowing playpens, but I gave them a larger and taller one this week that I hope will last another week or two. The disadvantage of it is that taking pictures is difficult, so please forgive the poorer quality photos this week.

The kittens are starting to wean and eat cat food. I found Pixel in his mom’s food bowl one morning eating her kibble, and that was the signal that it was time. Buffy chows down big time, and so does Pixel.

Of course, some of the kittens are of the opinion that stepping on kibble improves the taste. Who am I to argue, and what difference would it make anyway? Maybe it’s a little like stomping grapes.

At five weeks they are doing wonderfully on the scales. They should be between 18-19 ounces, and Spike and Oz are that on the dot, while Pixel, Buffy, and Jagger are all up there at 21 ounces. Mom’s done a great job with this crew. And they are really starting to look like cats now.

Pixel is still the great explorer…just waiting for an opportunity to explore more of the cat house.

Oz got in on the exploring act too today.

Wrestling is the very favorite activity these days and they go at it with energy to spare. But the surest sign that they are growing is that mom’s private shelf – her getaway from the kittens – isn’t her private getaway anymore.

Sorry Mom! The little ones are great climbers. Watching them get off the shelf, however, is pretty entertaining. They try to jump down, but it still looks more like a flop onto the floor.

They go for their first physical and distemper shots late next week, and when they have weaned completely they are off to a foster family that has been visiting them weekly. Great adventures await these little ones, and Mom looks forward to getting out of captivity and back home, methinks.


14 thoughts on “The Five are Five

  1. That are so darn cute! Wouldn’t it be so fun to adopt them all together? In my mind’s eye, it would be coming home to fun….and a little mayhem. My husband would think otherwise.

    1. Mayhem might be right!! Five would be a handful after a certain age, but they are adorable…can’t argue with that!

  2. I have an 8 week old kitten that I’ve been fostering since he was 3 weeks old (mom abandoned). He’s a handful! He literally has to live in our bathroom so that he doesn’t get into trouble…but he still tries!! I can’t imagine 5!!

    1. 5 without a gigantic dog crate would be impossible, as you might imagine. But they get several adventures outside the crate daily and lots of cuddle time with the kitten cuddlers.

      1. I wish I could use my dog crate for him, but I have dogs. As it is, I have to keep the dogs out of the hallway, because they try to “catch” the little thing reaching under the bathroom doorway… ugh!! But, that’s why I’m fostering, and I don’t really have a cat. Hopefully he will have his perfect home very soon!

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