Awhile ago those of us who are board members for Derry Township Community Cats wrote out draft job descriptions, and I may have to amend mine. I forgot to include the one thing that I spend more time doing than most anything else: worrying!

It’s one thing (and still not good) when a ten pound cat doesn’t eat for a day or two, but when a 1 pound 10 ounce kitten stops eating and becomes a 1 lb 6 oz kitten that’s really not good. There’s not enough weight on the bones to last a week one not eating for long.

Little Miss Mia hasn’t eaten the last couple days and when I syringe-fed her she just threw up. (She threw up a really big round worm too…quite gross. I did not take a picture.) That won her a vet visit this morning.  A couple xrays later, there are no blockages in her system. She is just soooo filled with worms that she doesn’t have much room for food. Her colon is super-gassy and the vet predicts diarrhea soon..goody. In the meantime, I am feeding her 1 cc of liquid food many, many times a day. The vet gave her an anti-nausea shot, and lots of fluids as well. Hopefully she’ll start eating soon. She is still content to sit on my lap, sleep and purr, which is very sweet.

Her sister, who was eating yesterday, is also not eating, and probably dealing with the same thing. This is the kitten who bit me, so that makes it all a little more fun.

I’ve ordered some leather gloves so I can start to work with her. Now that she knows biting works, she’s all about biting. In the meantime, I am syringe-feeding her KMR (kitten milk replacer.) She can bite down on that syringe all she wants, but I can safely feed her without my hand becoming part of the meal.

These little ones make me worry. There’s so little capacity for anything to go wrong. Let’s hope those roundworms move out soon, and these two can go back to eating and gaining weight. And I can have a good night’s sleep.


14 thoughts on “The Worry Factor

  1. Sending big prayers for tiny fur balls. Reminds me of my Valentino with kidney disease who had to be syringed…I found swaddling was the key to avoid being mauled!

  2. Each little meal is a victory for these 2. I’m taking deep breaths for all and hoping you’ll be saying be careful what you wish for very soon.

  3. I would worry that more of the cats in the feral community have roundworms too. I’ve only experienced tapeworms which are fairly easy to treat. (Thanks for not taking a shot of the worms!) Sending hugs to both kitties. The biter may come around when she feels better. I bite when I’m cranky too.

    1. Roundworms are very common in outdoor cats, much more so than tapeworm. Roundworms and coccidia are the parasites of choice this year!

      1. Ewww! Hazel suffered explosive diarrhea even after being treated for coccidian. It took a long time for her system to normalize. Poor kitties but they are much better off than those you haven’t caught.

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