Mia is eating – woo hoo!! And just as the vet predicted, she has diarrhea too. Gotta get rid of all those roundworms somehow. But after three days of eating little or nothing, she started eating just a bit yesterday, finished her bowl overnight last night, and is going to town on her food today. What a relief.

When she was at the vet’s office on Friday I noticed that she really perked up when she heard the sounds of other cats and saw people through the exam room window. The extra stimulation of moving things and sounds seemed to really grab her attention, so Saturday morning I moved her to a kitten condo with lots of shelves. It sits right in front of our big picture window, and she was entranced from the moment she was placed there. She can see birds and bugs, and cars driving by and who knows what else, but it seems to be good medicine for her.

I have high hopes for this little girl. She is quite content to sit on my lap (and everyone else”s too), get pet, and purrs up a storm. I suspect when she feels a little better and wants more activity she’ll lobby for time on the floor, but we have a little more socialization to do before I let her have floor privileges. Don’t think it will take too long though. She’s a keeper!!



9 thoughts on “The Mia Update

  1. What a nice story to wake up to on a bright, shiny Monday morn. 🙂 Look out world, here comes Mia! Good for her and you.

    1. Paws crossed. She has lost a lot of weight, and hopefully she’ll be regaining it quickly.

    1. Let’s hope so. She was actually hissing at me a bit this morning, which may mean she’s feeling better finally.

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