Remember what I wrote about worrying earlier this week? Well, I’ve decided that Miss Mia likes to make me worry. She wasn’t looking at all good yesterday afternoon, so the vet kindly made a spot for her in their busy evening schedule.

I guess I was gratified to know that I wasn’t worried for nothing. She had a slight fever, and is mildly anemic (and the diarrhea probably isn’t helping that) and her white blood cells show signs of some sort of infection. She tested negative for FIV/FELV, which is always a relief. But the fact that she has been super docile the whole time we’ve had her probably indicates that she hasn’t been all that well. She’s on Metronidazole now for the diarrhea, and Amoxicillan for the infection. Neither of the meds seems to taste terrific, if I can judge by her reaction.

The good news, however, is that she is gaining weight finally, and eating like the proverbial piggy.

She is also hissing at me today, and hiding a little, which is what you would expect of a feral kitten just trapped a week ago. I take that as a sign she’s feeling better.

So, I have been turning my attention to her sister who we named Rosa. (The cats both came from a commercial facility with Italian origins, hence the names.)  Rosa is the cat who bit me, and she’s none too thrilled with me, but I’m working to change that.

She only gets canned food – which she loves – when I am around and feeding it to her. Sometimes in a bowl and often with a spoon so she has to be close to my hand. I’m trying to show her that I am the bringer of good things. She isn’t quite buying it yet, but I visit her every couple hours and reinforce the lesson.

She was successful with biting once, so I am using gloves much of the times. These are my Rosa-tools. Nice long spoon and serious leather gloves. She finds biting the gloves less than satisfying.

I am managing to pet her now without the gloves, but the next step involves picking her up and cuddling with her, and gloves, as well as a protective towel will definitely be used. Her trust level of me on a scale of 1-10 is still probably -2. She’s a cat I would put back in her colony if I had the choice, but I’m not sure anyone is still there. I’ve been checking on her location for a week and haven’t seen any of the other three cats…they may have moved to a trap-free neighborhood. So I will keep working with her and hope for the best.

Things are nice and quiet for the time being, which is a nice mid-summer break. The two kittens trapped during the tornado warning awhile ago are going for their neuters tomorrow and then off to their new home.

And the fabulous five born in the cat house nearly three months ago have hit their target weights and go off to their surgeries next week.  One more fecal this week for them, and paws crossed they have finally kicked the roundworms. Those are stubborn little creatures.

Lots of kittens to trap at the end of August when they are old enough to TNR, and in the meantime, we might (might being the operative word) have a teeny tiny bit of breathing space. Though I have all but surely jinxed that now.  Stay tuned.




8 thoughts on “Cat House Updates: Mia and Rosa Plus

    1. She is pretty scared, and she got her first cuddle today which she did not find appealing at all. We will have to see if she can be turned or not.

      1. She is in a cage next to her sister. Unfortunately the only way to socialize a feral kitten is to remove the sources of comfort or confidence (i.e., another kitten or cat) so I can become that. Seems mean, but it is the only way it will work. But she is next to her sister’s crate so at least she can see her.

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