The call showed up on Facebook a day or two ago. PAWS, one of our rescue partners, had been called in to help with a situation involving 120 + cats. A family member was entering a care facility, and the property was going to be auctioned off. The cats had to go, and PAWS agreed to oversee making that happen. The cats were living outside amid all sorts of decayed buildings, nails sticking up from boards, garbage, and who knows what else. I saw only a handful of photos but they were pretty horrifying.

But 120+ cats at one time – in the middle of kitten season – is nothing short of insanity, and they wisely put out a call for help, How could we not help?

“We’ll take ten cats,” I told my contact at PAWS. And the great set-up at the cat house began. Yesterday afternoon it looked like this or part of it did, anyway.

By evening, we had 10 guests, a sweet group of cats very much in need of a safe, dry place with food and as much TLC as can be mustered. We have seven cats from the site, and three others that PAWS had that are stable and by taking them for now we made room for some cats with medical needs to stay at PAWS. So we have three crazy tweeners – nut jobs – having a blast, and seven adult, older perhaps cats who look a whole lot beat up, but are grateful for loving care.

Today we worked on the ear mite convention that had set up shop in the ears of many of them. There’s more to do on that, but they are still settling in and we’ll do a bit at a time for them. Nails are high on the list if we can…maybe in a couple days. They are starting to clean themselves off, and what they can’t do, we’ll help with. For now, they are hungry and so grateful for a towel to rest on. I was in midday and then again at dinner, and I’m not sure they did anything but sleep in between visits.

One of our very faithful volunteers helped me with the evening clean and feed, and lots of pets for those who wanted them (most of the gang), and by the time we left, they were sacking out again. They’re exhausted, and very content for food and rest, and pets. Here are the seven from the site with 120 cats. Pardon the bars of the crates. Maybe in future days I can get some photos without the bars intervening.

Sleep well, kitties. And if the tweeners keep you up too late tell them to knock it off and go to bed!


16 thoughts on “Helping Season

  1. Hello Deb, What can you mostly need help with, please let me know. Lynn

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    1. Lynn, we mostly need bags of adult Purina kibble (ones without dyes in them), and cash donations to help us buy cleaning supplies (gloves, laundry detergent, garbage bags, etc.) Cash helps more than anything right now!

    1. They are all friendlies, and quieter cats, at least so far. Nice cats for those who want a cat who isn’t screaming around the house and getting into everything.

    1. Many are feral so not candidates for adoption…they’ve lived outside all their lives. But places where they can continue to do that are being sought, and adoptable cats will find homes.

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