It was the stereotypical dark and stormy day and evening last Monday, and a call came in. There’s a kitten outside and I can’t take her in. But she could bring her to us. Meet Anabelle.

Anabelle looked pretty darn scraggly, and her long hair disguised the fact that she was underweight as well. She’s about 8 weeks old, and weighs about what a 6 week old kitten does. And she had this really nasty lump in her neck. I scheduled a vet visit for her for the next day.

There were two obvious choices: bite wound/abscess or warbles. Warbles are really gross, if you haven’t encountered them. I won’t go into details, but click here for info if you want to be in the know.  Luckily for Anabelle, it was a warble, and the worm had already departed from a hole he’d made in her neck. All the vet had to remove was the casing, but that was gross enough.  We’ve seen these before, and they never fail to give me the creeps. Despite that, it is actually better than a bite wound. A nice flush of the area and antibiotics, and the wound will heal up quickly.

She’s eating, and amazingly, she’s friendly, which is unusual for an 8 week old kitten (unless someone dumped her).  She was even purring at the vet’s office. Some times when kittens aren’t well they’re friendly with us, happy for help, and they get a bit hissy when they feel better. We’ll see whether that’s her story or not.

She has big ears…I think she will be a large, gorgeous, long-haired cat. In the meantime, she’s resting and eating and getting better. In two week’s time, a re-check with the vet and hopefully we can start her vaccine series, and a spay for her when she’s old enough, and then off to a rescue group. She’s a lucky kitten to have been rescued when she was. She wasn’t on death’s door, but she might have been in his sights.


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