We love all (or almost all!) the cats that come through our doors, but this little kitten is rather extraordinary. Or maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so.

She’s absolutely gorgeous to begin with, and she is one of the happiest, friendliest kittens I’ve ever encountered, especially considering she was brought in from outside. I don’t believe she was born outside – she is far too friendly for having feral beginnings. I’m guessing she either escaped an inside home or was dumped by someone. She is seriously people oriented, and takes every opportunity to curl in your lap and purr away.

Except when she’s playing, and she’s a fiend with the cat dancer, even in her crate alone! I hang it from the top of the crate and she plays endlessly. Everything captivates her, even a piece of litter when she’s out and about.

The wound on her neck where the warble exited is still healing up, but looking better now. She has a follow up vet visit next week to check on that and get her first tests and vaccines, and if all is well she’ll get to hang out with another kitten with one of our fosters. She’ll be in heaven there!

She’s a fabulous little girl, with beautiful long reddish-black hair, and a lovely personality. She’s going to make some family extraordinarily happy.

13 thoughts on “Anabelle Update

    1. Nope. Six cats is still too many. Looking for a decrease in numbers over time, not an increase.

      1. I was doing that too until Dan saw Gracie’s picture in the paper. She looked so much like Morgan but she’s nothing like her. Gracie is occasionally the cat from hell.

    1. Annabelle is doing great. She is off with a foster and getting to hang with some other kittens while she waits for her spay and forever home.

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