If you have cats and you want to get a dog, get a blind one. Even if the cat runs, the dog won’t chase. Which makes Bodhi the perfect dog for a cat’s first intro to dogs!

Tommy, our sweet little kitten, is going to a home with a dog, so I thought I’d give him a head start on doggy introductions.

Tommy’s first response, was to run over to meet Bodhi, but with a fluffed up tail. A little concerned, but Tommy is a very confident kitten.

(Excuse the poor quality photos…my phone isn’t great at this stuff.)

Bodhi was actually less thrilled about Tommy than Tommy was about him, so I had to keep the session short. Bodhi can’t see Tommy coming, so making sure Tommy didn’t become a pint-sized tyrant was important.

Tommy’s second reaction to Bodhi —

And finally…

I think Tommy is going to do fine with a dog! The lab he’s going to meet might not be as accommodating as Bodhi, but Tommy’s confidence will probably make the introductions pretty easy.

And Bodhi has a new job. Kitten testing. I just have to make sure he’s adequately compensated for the annoyance level.

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    1. I’ll let Bodhi know he should check out union membership! I suspect, however, treats will be his reward of choice.

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