Some of you may remember Tommy, a little kitten we have that we needed a home for.

Well, we found him a home – not something we normally do, but the rescues are pretty full right now. And then the little bugger got sick. We don’t release sick cats, so it has been two weeks of crazy.

First he started scratching his ears, biting his legs, grooming incessantly…and I mean incessant. He didn’t even stop to eat or play, and Tommy loves to play.  It was a holiday weekend (of course) and by the time we got him to the vet he’d lost about 25% of his weight. Put him on Prednisolone for a couple days…itching stopped…eating did not re-commence.

Back for another vet visit. Fever over 104..,.normal is 101…and white blood cell count three times normal. And he was playing in the vet’s office, purring, and begging for pets. The vet was astonished…he should have been down and out, but not much stops this little guy. Home with antibiotics.

More itching recommenced a couple days later. Don’t want to give Pred, which suppresses the immune system. Ear mites? Maybe, but cytologies (two of them) show no parasites or yeast in ears. My frustration level mounted by the day…vet’s too. No good explanations for what was going on with this guy.  Second CBC a week after the first showed significant improvement in white blood cell count, but still not normal.

In the meantime, he started eating like a pig and has been gaining back all his weight and much more. That’s good. But the ears that the vet cleaned last Wednesday were packed with gunk (that’s a technical word) within three days.

Back to the vet this morning, and we think we may have the answer…I sure hope so. The vet took as good a look into his ears as she could, but one is filled with fluid and infection, and the best guess is that he has an ear polyp, which has been growing and causing all the misery. Surgery is on Wednesday so they can knock him out, take a good look in there, and remove any polyps.

In the interim, he has some ear drops to help with the infection and calm things down a little in there, and continued antibiotics. He is one spectacular little kitten – so much fun and so sweet. Paws crossed this is the answer and surgery the solution, and he can toodle off to the wonderful people who are patiently awaiting their first cat!  And I can get a good night’s sleep instead of worrying about this little guy in the wee hours.

10 thoughts on “Tommy, Part 2

  1. Sometimes those special kitties just end up in our TNR programs and their stories warm our hearts 🙂

    1. He is, indeed, a special little guy, and I’m so glad he came through for TNR. Otherwise he might not have been around much longer. PAWS crossed his surgery today solves his problems!!

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