One of our Derry Township Community Cats foster folks texted me this weekend. They are kitten-less for the time being, maybe for the rest of the season. “Should we go ahead and return the crate to the cat house?” she asked. “Sure,” I answered, “but you know the minute you do we’ll get more kittens!”

Not only is our foster without kittens, but I am without cats at my house too. We have a little lull, one that is most welcome. I was going to pack up the crate I keep in my office, but thought better of it.  Seems like an invitation to more kittens to me. So it can just sit there for now, just in case a little furry waif needs a place to land.

And our foster room, which has been housing one cat or another for about 14 months, is in need of some serious cleaning.

My brain is entirely confused with no cat in residence there since I took Tommy to his forever home on Saturday. About a dozen times a day I start when I realize I haven’t fed anyone in there, or cleaned a litter box, or gone in to play or cuddle. Each time I have to remember there’s no one there right now.

That will certainly change…it always does. But in the meantime I’m going to get the carpet shampooed, laundry done, and anything else that needs some attention, and get it ready for whoever needs it next. Having only one dog and five of our own cats to feed feels a bit like a vacation right now, and I think I’ll enjoy it while I can.

P.S. Not eight hours after writing this post, what do we have? We have a momma and babies at the cat house now. So much for vacation!


15 thoughts on “The In-Between Times

    1. I know. Having the fosters return the crate and then writing that post was pure stupidity! But we’re glad to have them. 3 weeks old and perfect age for socializing, and mom is totally friendly.

      1. Tortis are always girls. We haven’t sexed the orange kitten yet. We try not to mess with them too much their first day or two with us so they can settle in.

    1. Lauren, we don’t do adoptions ourselves since our main function if trap/neuter/return. When the kittens are ready, and it will be a few months, they will go to a local rescue group for getting their forever homes.

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