Now that our newest guests have settled in a bit, it’s time for a better introduction to them. Meet Willow (mom cat)


And Winston:

Winnie and Winston are between three and four weeks old, and just starting to wobble around. Today, for the first time, I saw them starting to play and wrestle. Cute doesn’t begin to describe it.

They are getting more comfortable being held and beginning to relax in general. Give them a week and they will be walking pretty well and probably ready to start using the litter box and even starting to eat wet food…we’ll see.

Willow is one amazingly sweet cat, and I’m taking her for a microchip scan and FIV/FELV test tomorrow. She is way too sweet to go back on the streets, and I suspect she’s a pretty young cat and would make a great addition to someone’s home. We’ll be looking and working with local rescues to get her to a forever home once the kittens are weaned and she’s been spayed and updated on vaccines.

She’s lucky that some folks in the neighborhood where she was living were watching out for her. A mail carrier was working hard to get her off the streets after discovering her with her babies in a dirt hole. You can still see some dirt on Winston’s face/nose area. Willow is gradually cleaning them up. And a couple across the street from Willow’s den were feeding her four times a day. She had a whole bunch of guardian angels out there, but it is time for her to have a family that has her back. No more litters of kittens in dirty holes in the ground.

In the meantime, they’ve got a place with us, and fosters ready to give the kittens their first taste of life in a home once they are weaned. Willow will come live with me in my currently empty foster room, while she dries out from nursing so we can get her spayed. A nice futon, rocking chair, and cat tree await her there, and the carpet will soon be nice and clean.  Their beginning was a tad rough…though thankfully we haven’t had any rain while they were living in the dirt hole. Still, the next chapters for each of them are bound to be a whole lot better. We’re going to work hard to make it so.

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