So much changes at this age for kittens! Winnie and Winston are approaching five weeks old and they’ve gone from little fluff balls who could only wobble to kittens who can scamper away from mom when they’re loose. Willow (mom) doesn’t particularly appreciate their attempts at independence and either calls them back or goes and herds them back to a place of her choosing. She’s a very good mom. It’s actually hard to get a good picture of her because mostly this is what you get:

She’s with her kittens as much as possible. But I did get an okay head shot…not fabulous, but at least a good likeness of her.

She is a super sweet cat, ready to rub on your legs and be pet at any time of day.  She did test positive for FIV, which is unfortunate, but FIV is not even remotely a death sentence for cats. Many FIV cats live as long as most cats do. But it will make finding a home a little more difficult. She would probably do best as an only cat, though we don’t know that for sure since we haven’t seen her around other cats. FIV is generally transmitted through bites, so FIV and  non-FIV cats can live just fine together as long as they don’t fight. She is much too sweet to go back on the streets, so if you know of anyone who wants a really spectacular three year old love-bug in the Central PA area let me know. Our Derry Township Community Cats doesn’t normally do adoptions but we will be networking and looking for a home for sweet Willow once the babies are weaned and she is spayed.

In the meantime, the kittens keep growing. Winnie has been a little slow to gain weight, but the vet says she seems healthy, maybe just a small cat. (Kittens born to an FIV mom commonly don’t have FIV, but we will have to wait 4-6 months before we can get an accurate test.) We’ve been supplementing her nursing, which she pursues less vigorously than her brother, with KMR and she has even started eating a slurry of wet kitten food from a spoon. Such a smart little girl! Winnie is the alpha-kitten, and the first to try everything. Even at just (almost) five weeks, she loves toys, and for reasons I can’t fathom she finds the litter box a most excellent playground.

(Isn’t she beautiful?!)

Winston has absolutely no problem gaining weight. He’s a total mama’s boy, and actually blocks Winnie from nursing at times by lying lengthwise covering mom’s tummy. Because he is rounder than Winnie he had trouble following her into the litter box to play for while, but he’s got the hang of it now. He was practicing his stalking behavior today, trying to creep up on Willow and Winnie.

That’s the update for now. It will probably be old news by the time you read it! These guys change daily…so much fun to watch.


11 thoughts on “The Three W’s Progress Report

  1. A sweet mama and babies. Have been wanting to let you know Vanessa is still at the shelter but doing well (still as social and talkative as ever), although she keeps injuring her back leg somehow–maybe some residual weakness from her wobbles that then ends up resulting in bad landings from the sink and counter, where she so often hangs out. She is sort of the top female cat in the room in terms of whatever hierarchy they have established, so runs the show much of the time in SP#2. Good luck with this little family. Love that little Winnie! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for the update on Vanessa. I noticed that she hadn’t made it back to the adoptable list, which is too bad. I am sorry that her health issues have been legion…she’s such a sweet cat.

  2. What lovely kitties! It is so rewarding saving little bundles like these. I’m sure you have your hands full though! Good luck to mumma and her beautiful babies x

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