Marley and I got away for a long weekend last week. We hardly ever get the time to do that, and it was a wonderful break. Down to Stone Harbor, NJ.  We had a glorious day Saturday and spent a bit of it touring some wineries.  Always a good time.

Bodhi gets to come with us to Stone Harbor, and he LOVES the beach. Loves. He’s a water dog through and through, which isn’t surprising for a lab. Because he can’t see but isn’t afraid of the water at all, we have to keep a 30 foot lead on him. Don’t want the guy wandering out to sea!!

We were very surprised to see him using his new nose-skills to track some shore birds. He was crouched low and sniffing to find the birds at the edge of the water. He continues to come into his Lab-ness.

He is doing that in another way as well. He found something really icky in a parking lot and gobbled it down before it could be avoided. He spent the next 12 hours throwing up. I am here to tell you that it was very warm in Stone Harbor last Friday night/Saturday morning at 2 am, and 4 am. Ugh.  I need to teach him the “leave it” command now, but that’s challenging with a blind dog. A trainer friend of my sister’s couldn’t find anything online about it, but made some suggestions that may help me teach him not to pick things off the ground. Paws crossed we can both learn that one! I’m not overly fond of taking the dog out in the wee hours.

Still, despite Bodhi’s adventures with parking lot junk, it was a nice weekend. Glorious Saturday, and it poured all day Sunday with winds howling, as was true of much of the East Coast. The crummy day was the perfect excuse to sit around with some movies, good books, some great cheeses and fruit, and be vegetables. Wouldn’t want to do that for days on ends, but one day of it was absolutely lovely.

Then back to reality with tons of things to get caught up on. No good vacation goes unpunished!


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