In a year when so many lost so much to hurricanes and raging wildfires, I am grateful that we have enough. Yes, I covet a new lens for my camera – and I covet the Nikon one and not the competitor’s less expensive version.

But a $2700 lens isn’t in the budget right now…not even remotely. And it falls into the category of wants, and not needs. There are probably lots of things that would be nice to have, but fundamentally, we have enough of the things that we really need. Especially compared to what so many others have to make do with here and around the world.

We’ve actually been focused on downsizing what we have in recent years. We’ve spent too many weekends pet sitting for folks who have to go to the home of their deceased parents and spend days or months cleaning out 50-60 years worth of stuff that never got released. A friend told me recently that she even found a box of dirty laundry that was probably from 50 years ago. We’re not quite that bad, but we’ve accumulated Stuff over the years, and we’ve been sorting through and donating, trashing, or otherwise disposing of the things that aren’t needed anymore. Hopefully Marley’s boys won’t have to spend weeks doing that when we’re gone.

Making Christmas lists is harder too since there’s not that much we truly need or want to add to the house. Marley and I get each other gift cards for date nights in the coming year at Christmas time now, along with a few small gifts. Going out to dinner or a movie or a game of mini golf is better than one more nick-knack for our bookshelves.

I’ll probably covet that extra lens for some time to come, and maybe someday splurge and buy it. In the meantime, I am grateful that we have enough, that we don’t have to struggle for the things we truly need, that our house has been blown away by a hurricane, or burned down by fire. Having enough is blessing enough.

8 thoughts on “Days of Gratitude: Day Two

  1. Can totally relate to your comments. We too are clearing out. There’s simply too much “stuff” that has not been used in years which either a charity shop could sell, or people of lesser means could buy. I also find that I am comparing costs of “would like… but really don’t need”, against what that same value would do for any one of a number of charities. 🙂

  2. I have a Nikon DX 70-300 and it was only around $500. Which is a lot, but way more doable than $2700! Downsizing–everytime I go to an estate sale, I come home and tell my husband. “we need to get rid of stuff.” And we do. My kids will not go through stacks of stuff when I am gone!

    1. I have the Nikon DX 70-300 too. And another lovely lens, so I truly don’t NEED more. But maybe someday…I can rent one when/if I really need it for something! Downsizing…good stuff.

  3. Your post resonated with me. We did a major cleaning out last year (remember the tripod!). I am still hanging on to some things thinking we may be able to use if we move. I’d like to downsize to a smaller house. (That is overwhelming!) I recently bought and returned two pair of shoes. When I brought them home I reminded myself that I don’t need them at all. I find I enjoy the simple things in life now so I’m hoping for a Starbucks giftcard from my husband although it’s kind of silly when you think about it. The money comes from the same place whether he buys it or I buy it. I am giving more to animal rescues and less to people (who really don’t need it). The wildfires have me pretty upset about all the wildlife that was lost.

    1. I know the money all comes from the same place – for us too – but it is still fun to have this envelope of gift cards and feel like we can go out to dinner and not spend anything. An illusion…but a good one. Tell that hubby to get you a Starbuck’s card that gets you “free” coffee for a month for Christmas! And thank you again for the tripod!

  4. Love reading your posts, Deb…I so can relate to this and am grateful for having ‘enough! I recently went through closing of my parents house of 50+ years and having adult children leave the nest, leaving behind some of their stuff! Ever think about a ‘yard sale’ as a fundraiser for DTCC?!

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