Thank you all for your patience with our photo contest. Thought you might enjoy a change of pace and a return to more normal content here today. An update on Gilda.

Gilda is one of three cats tossed out to manage on her own when her people were evicted. You can read my earlier blog about that here. One of the cats had six kittens and is with a local rescue group. The male of the three, after being neutered, got himself a wonderful new home. Gilda, the only “fixed” one of the bunch came to stay with me since she had an upper respiratory problem that just wouldn’t quit.

After seven courses of different antibiotics, and the discovery that she also has asthma, Gilda is finally healthy! The vet declared her a model patient yesterday, after Gilda mastered the AeroKat inhaler for her asthma. The vet even asked me to prepare a handout on how I taught her to use the AeroKat…I was very flattered. After two and a half months of this and that pill, and keeping her isolated in our foster room so she wouldn’t infect the gang, Gilda is now out and meeting the rest of the crew.  There have been quite a few “words” between some of them, but no fights. Amazingly, while Gilda isn’t too sure she likes the other cats yet, she doesn’t mind Bodhi, our dog, at all.

She’s a real beauty, and I think she knows it. Born model. Loves the camera.

She’s exploring the second floor, where her room is, first, but she’ll make her way downstairs when she’s ready. Yesterday she was screeching at poor Lily, in the upstairs cat room, but today I found them both there co-existing peacefully. On opposite sides of the room, but still peaceful. Little by little…

Gilda is home for good this time. No worries about being dumped out in the cold to manage on her own. She’s a total lovebug, and softer than most cats. We’re very lucky to have added her to our gang. Hopefully the other cats come around to the same conclusion eventually.

7 thoughts on “Gilda at Home

  1. Yes, I bet there are cat discussions going on. “The human did it again. We didn’t need another cat. She can’t have my toys.” Then one day, everyone is sleeping nearby and happy! So glad you kept her. Will she need inhaler treatments regularly or just when needed?

    1. She will need the inhaler twice daily for life. With asthma you don’t want to get behind in care, or you end up with a crisis instead of just management.

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