Some of you read about the colony we were working on most recently.  There were 13 cats in this colony and, in the end, we only got twelve of them. Now, 12 was great, especially with 8 of those cats being females. But still…it is so much more satisfying to finish the job.

The colony – I’ll call it Colony 2, is at one end of a street, and there’s another one, and older and larger one I’ll call Colony 1 at the other end of the street. We finished the 50 or so cats of Colony 1 last year, and these two groups are only about 5-6 blocks apart. Not that far as the cat travels.

Turns out the cat we were missing decided she didn’t care for the traps, and she moved from Colony 2 to Colony 1, where the astute caretaker saw her as a “new” cat for the colony. She showed up in Colony 1 about the time we were wrapping up trapping in Colony 2. When the caretaker from Colony 1 called me and said she had a new cat that needed to be trapped, we got right on it. Little did we know it was our holdout from Colony 2.

She was spayed today, and that makes 9/13 females in Colony 2. Makes me shudder to think what the population would have been had we not trapped/spayed/neutered all these cuties. No question there would have been at least 30-40 additional cats, and it could have been 70 by year end.

Now they can live in peace, in a garage that is left open for their shelter, and enjoy food that’s put out for them twice a day. It isn’t an easy life by any means, but they have the basics. As feral cats, they will never be happy inside, and we’re just glad that have a safe place to shelter from weather, and plenty of food. And with any luck, no more kittens in the near future.

We have a Nor’Easter heading our way tonight and tomorrow, so this little one who got spayed along with some others today, will be enjoying our warm cat house hospitality for a few days until weather conditions improve. Another storm coming Sunday, so we won’t release her until things calm down. She seems calm enough to enjoy a dog crate instead of being stuck in a trap, and she’ll get twice daily room service until the weather is nicer. She’s not super feral but she isn’t domesticated either, so she has a nice hidey-hole cat bed to rest in.

We’ll release her back to one of the colonies next week, and she can decide which one suits her better, or maybe she’ll continue to flit between the two. Up to her. Maybe she’s just a social butterfly.

12 thoughts on “The Straggler

    1. Indeed. Although this morning it looks like the storms won’t be bad here. Small shift in the jet stream overnight does wonders for us…not probably for you!

      1. I don’t know. So far not much. Barely noticeable on the grass, nothing on the road although the worst isn’t expected until noon. I was out this morning and surprised how much is closed. There was nothing. Even Starbucks was closed.

      2. Very cranky. I got up early to go to the gym before it started. Drove to gym. Closed. Went to the mall to walk. Closed. Starbucks. Closed. Nothing on the roads or grass. I expected things to be open until late morning. The only places open are the businesses owned by immigrants — Dunkin Donut, Minimart, car repair. No, I didn’t do Dunkin Donut. I’ll just crank it out. 🙂

  1. What wonderful work you are doing. Just to think of all the suffering that will be avoided is incredible.

    1. Thanks, Marie. It is so worthwhile to be able to prevent more kittens from being born to a harsh existence.

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