I first read about JoJo on Next Door late last December. He was wandering around a neighborhood with an injured foot and a collar that was much too tight. He was fairly friendly however, so someone else on the list got involved and was able, with help, to cut the collar off. Our program (Derry Township Community Cats) offered to neuter the poor guy, and I thought he was being taken care of by the person who said she would take him in, but a week or so ago I saw a posting saying he was still wandering around. And that he was losing weight.

We’re not a rescue organization so I hate to intervene in these situations, but I definitely don’t need an intact male cat wandering around, even if he’s got an outdoor shelter from someone now and is being fed. When I read that he was also losing weight, I really wanted to be able to intervene.

We’re lucky to have a great partnership with a local rescue, and long story short, they said that if I could collect him and keep him in our cat house for now that they would assess whether he might be an adoption candidate, and would, in any case, take care of assessing his medical issues, and DTCC will pay for his neuter and vaccines.  The person who has been feeding him got him into her sun porch yesterday and I went to collect the poor guy. Meet JoJo:

The fact that he was found with a collar on (probably a flea collar) that was too tight suggest that he was either lost or dumped. He was scared of me when I went to collect him, but I watched him enjoy and lean into pets from the person who has been feeding him for the last three months. It’s clear that he has lived with people at some point, and is friendly.

It’s also clear that he was out wandering for quite a while since the collar had gotten too tight for his neck. I haven’t stressed him by trying to look under his tail yet, but his face tells the story of an intact Tomcat – very scratched and beaten up, and dry scabs under his fur. His urine smells like an intact Tom as well…it’s a very pungent smell, to say the least. Given how beat up he is, we’ll get getting him a test for FIV/FELV pretty soon. I’m hoping he will be negative, but I won’t be surprised if he is positive.

The photo above was from yesterday, and he’s pretty scared, having been placed in a carrier by me and transported to a dog crate at our cat house. He’s a bit better this morning, and even reached his neck forward for a rub under the chin. He’s timid right now, but not at all aggressive, so if he’s healthy, I have hopes that he will be a good adoption candidate.

If he isn’t healthy – be that FIV/FELV or a chronic illness – there is a sanctuary he can go to. If he turns out not to be friendly enough, but is healthy, he’ll be neutered and go back to the woman who was caring for him. She feeds two other ferals already and he can stay there if he’s not comfortable being in a home.

For now, he is eating like the proverbial pig, and that’s nice to see. He’s been treated for fleas and such, and has to feel better, and is settling into his new surroundings. There are some other adoptables staying with us right now, who are wandering free in the cat house, and  he doesn’t seem at all stressed by that, which is good too. Someone from the rescue will come assess him tomorrow and we’ll see where we can go from there. For now, despite the fact that he’s a little scared, JoJo is in a safe place with all the food he wants. Paws crossed that his future is a better one than whatever landed him here in the first place.


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    1. Indeed. Too many sad stories out there. Hopefully we can make the next part of his life a little easier.

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