I’ve rarely been so glad to see a bunch of empty bowls. But let me back up a bit.

Scooter is a cat that we, at Derry Township Community Cats, took in about a week ago. He and his buddy were out on the streets and some folks took them in during a cold spell, but didn’t want to keep them. They were going to put the two (intact) males back outside, and that’s not terribly helpful for us, so we collected them.  If they turned out to be friendly enough, we would get them into a rescue program (after neutering!) and if they turned out not to be adoptable cats they would go back out (still after neutering,)

They turned out to be friendlies, but something was kind of “off’ with Scooter. He wasn’t eating much and he was hunkered in a corner, a posture we call “meatloaf.” Sometimes cats are just shell-shocked by being placed in a crate, and they just need some time to adjust. Knowing absolutely nothing about these cats, that was our first assumption…give him time.

But a few days later, Scooter still wasn’t eating. We separated the two cats after a couple days because I really needed to know if Scooter was (as the vets say) eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping. He was drinking, and promptly throwing the water up, and that was about it. So off to the vets we went on day four of his time with us.

Temp – normal. Blood work – pretty much normal. X-rays – no concerns. Sigh. So he got fluids and some anti-nausea pills, and an appetite stimulant, and he ate a little that day. But not a whole lot. We even left him out of the crate, free to roam the cat house for a night, just in case captivity was the problem.

Two days later…still hasn’t eaten and he hasn’t had a bowel movement in at least four days. Back to the vet. This time a temp of 103, which is high and considered a fever. Blood work – still the same, which was good and a little surprising. So no clues about what might be wrong and we treat symptoms. More fluids,  a broad-spectrum antibiotic, more anti-nausea meds,  and…poor Scooter…an enema. The stool had been sitting in his colon for many days and it needed to come out. The constipation could easily be the reason he wasn’t eating, and not eating is a crisis in the cat world, and a prescription for permanent liver damage.

Yesterday afternoon, after returning from the vet’s, Scooter ate a whole bunch of boiled chicken that I’d made for him. Phew. For the night I left him a full bowl of kibble, a bowl of KMR (kitten milk replacer) even though he’s between 1-2, some more chicken, and some wet cat food. If you heard a “woo hoo” in the air this morning, it was because he ate almost every bite of all of that overnight.

Hopefully, we are on the road to recovery. Scooter is up on the shelf of his crate today, looking at the birds and insects outside his window. Looking much more lively, though the pictures here don’t show that. Maybe he’s camera shy. At any rate, six more days of antibiotic and we will keep our paws crossed that he continues to improve so we can neuter him, and get him ready for a home…a forever one this time.

9 thoughts on “Empty Bowls

  1. Phew! That IS scary that he wasn’t eating! Glad he’s finally feeling better! YAY Scooter!! And definitely WOO-HOO for you!! Keeping my fingers crossed, too!!

    1. He’s doing great, physically. Needs some real TLC to draw him out of his shell, but that will come too.

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