Sweetness alert…meet Nick and Nate.

Nick (the tabby) and Nate (the tuxedo) came to us almost two weeks ago. Five weeks old at the time, and they were feral…or supposed to be. We’ve never met two less feral outdoor kittens in all our years of doing this work. They ran up to the people who found them, while their mom and three other siblings cowered and ran away. Their rescuers scooped these two up but mom and siblings were gone by the time they came back with traps.

These two, however, seem to be destined to live with people. Super friendly from the get-go. Usually five week old kittens spend a few days hissing and swatting us, which – I must admit – amuses us no end. We’re so much bigger than they are! But they get over their people-phobia usually, and come around to being friendly. These two seemed to have skipped all the formalities and gone straight to: “Hey girlfriend, if you hold me I’ll purr for you. Deal?”

As is true for most kittens, they are playing machines, and live for their time in the playpen.Ā  They are climbing machines – maybe monkeys in a previous life – so you have to keep an eye on them.

Because they went from nursing to kitten food with zero transition time, they’ve had a challenging time with diarrhea. Last evening the volunteer who was cleaning and feeding them was texting me about the diarrhea and copied our group’s president and volunteer coordinator on the dozen or so texts. Way more information about kitten diarrhea than she wanted to know! I have to admit, between pet sitting and the Derry Township cats, I spend way more time on diarrhea and poop conversations than is probably healthy. In the middle of this evening’s board meeting – with kittens being a major distraction – each of the kittens actually had solid poops for the first time and the texts were flying. I should probably enter therapy.

Tomorrow, these two lovelies go off to a foster for the next while. She’s a vet tech with the vet office that sees our cats, and they’ll get fabulous care. (She was excited to hear that they had solid poops tonight too…we are a sorry bunch!) About six more weeks or so and they can be neutered and go off to forever homes. Someone (we would like to see them go together…pretty bonded) will be very lucky to have these two.

11 thoughts on “Nick and Nate

  1. I know all about the poop conversations. My husband has banned them at the dinner table but I am always sure to give him a run down on the status of our loose poopy-prone Hazel. And a few friends. TMI but hey, if you have me as a friend, know that it’s not all butterflies and kittens. Gorgeous kitties. Then again, I’ve never seen homely ones!

    1. It’s true…all kittens are gorgeous! And poop conversations are just a staple of our lives…ain’t gonna change soon.

  2. Aw, they’re both adorable!

    No need for therapy! We pet guardians tend to get excited when one (or more) of our charges finally have a solid poop after a bout of diarhhea. “It’s what we do.” šŸ˜‰

      1. When all 3 of my dogs were having IBS episodes at the same time, I was CONSTANTLY checking their poops and celebrating each and every normal one. So I totally understand. We lost Callie to lymphoma nearly 3 years ago; but the other two are still with us, happy and healthy. An occasional bout of sensitive tummy, but nowhere near as bad as the IBS episodes they used to suffer through. Since I put them both on Hills’ Prescription i/d, the only time Shadow has a reaction is when they change the formula.

      2. Pretty much. But we have a great vet who gave me his cell # so I could call him for help before running down to the ER vet. I haven’t used it in 2-1/2 years.

    1. I’m pretty sure these two have many years of mischief in them just waiting to come out.

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