Nick and Nate are off with their foster, and I got to see them today. How did they grow soooo much in just week? They’re having a blast with the foster, have figured out how to escape the foster room, and they apparently think the resident Labradors are their BFFs.  All good.

In the meantime, we have some new kids and their mom in the cat house as of Tuesday afternoon. Mom is an utter sweetheart, just a baby herself– maybe a year old, and so small. This will, thankfully, be her one and only litter. And if you can tell these four apart, you’re doing better than we are.

They are about 2 1/2 weeks old, and delightfully uncoordinated. Still figuring out what their body parts do and how to use them. Surprised that they have a tail they can try to catch. Everything is brand spanking new for the little wide-eyed babies.

Mom decided she needed a break from the little ones today, and discovered the shelf we put in her crate for just that purpose.

While she rested I took the babies out in their little nesting box for a photo shoot. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I could watch the little ones for hours.  So entertaining.


They get colored Velcro collars tomorrow so we can tell these four apart, and then we’ll work on figuring out genders and giving them names. Funny, but I’m having no trouble at all getting volunteers to come in to clean and feed for them, and grab some cuddles while they’re there.  Rough duty.

7 thoughts on “New kids on the block

    1. They are so funny. All movements are in slow motion, and it is a hoot to watch.

  1. It’s like a baby when they discover their foot and somehow get it into their mouth! They are adorable. Are they beige or will they be gingers? How about Mom? Can she get adopted or is she too feral? So pretty.

    1. Mom is super sweet, but she lives on a farm with a mousing job to do, shelter and food, so she will go back. The kittens are all buff and I think they will stay that way.

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