Teddy, we barely knew you, but we miss you, and you were loved during your very short life.

(Teddy with his siblings)

We lost poor little Teddy, who was just a little over three weeks old, yesterday morning. Fading Kitten Syndrome, per the vet, and nothing we could have done. He stopped nursing a few days ago – just wouldn’t latch on to Momma cat. And even Momma seemed to know he wasn’t viable somehow. She paid little attention to him, not even grooming him at the level she did the other kittens. We bottle fed him, and one amazing person sat up with him his whole last night, warming his cooling body and hydrating him, and trying to keep him going, but it wasn’t to be. The vet says Teddy could have been suffering from dozens of problems, none of which could be managed at such a tender age. 8 ounces of kitten just isn’t enough to work with.

We put colored collars on all the kittens not long after the photo above, so we could tell who is who. They all look so much alike at this point, but I think this next photo is Teddy.

He sort of kept to himself, didn’t get in the mix too often, though he had some fun spurts of energy and seemed to enjoy himself. He loved being held, and the person who cared for him his last night (a very experienced kitten person) held and kissed him all night so he knew he was loved.

Rest in peace, little one. If cats have nine lives, may the next one be a whole lot better and a whole lot longer.

19 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Teddy

  1. So sorry to read this sad news. It is always so painful to say goodbye to a furry one…
    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Always sad to lose one so young. What I find interesting is how accepting the mother is. How do they just know, I wonder? We can learn much from her acceptance.

  3. Like you said, may Teddy’s next life be much better and much longer. At least he left his first life knowing he was loved and cared for. đź’–

  4. I am so sorry little Teddy didn’t make it. I cried reading this post, but I am glad he left this Earth in peace and surrounded by love. Please thank that amazing caregiver who stayed up with him all night for me.

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