I’ve been fostering a very sweet cat named Scooter.  He’s been stuck all by himself in my foster room for a few weeks, and we were all ready to transfer him to a location with other cats and open spaces, and the poor guy developed a 103.6 fever and upper respiratory problems. So he’s still stuck in my foster room by himself. He gets visits from me as much as I can, but my schedule has been loony lately…summer pet sitting and high season for TNR. So he isn’t getting as much attention as he (or I) would like.

He looks a bit cross, doesn’t he? So multiple times a day, this little red coiled cat toy appears outside his door. No matter where I put it in his room, he manages to move it to and under the door. I’m thinking this is Scooter’s S.O.S.


I think he’s hoping someone will see it and actually rescue the poor boy. Alas…I am the one who sees it, and I’m his captor in the first place.

His fever is down, and he’s sneezing a lot less. A few more days of a heavy-duty antibiotic and then a re-check at the end of the week. I’m hoping he is well soon and can go with with others of his kind while he waits for his forever home. He’s a love, and deserves to be found by just the right person.  In the meantime, I suspect he’ll keep sending out the S.O.S and hope for the best.

12 thoughts on “The Little Red S.O.S.

  1. This is the sweetest thing…..Scooter sending out an SOS. Goodness, whoever rescues this little guy will be so lucky.

  2. Oh, Scooter – hang in there ! Your foster Mama loves you and is taking good care of you – even if you are feeling lonely and impatient !

  3. Aw, poor guy. I can sympathize. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom made me stay in bed because I had a fever, but didn’t FEEL sick and wanted to go out and play. Hope he gets his get-out-of-jail card soon!

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