Bodhi’s Gotcha Day was actually a few days ago, but I was buried in cat adventures then, and didn’t have time to get him on the blog. Hopefully he will forgive me.

Bodhi has been with us two years now, and he’s made so many great strides. He’s really one of the best dogs ever, and very well behaved, as well as lots of fun. And he barks just once a year! After many years of Butterscotch and Paris, who both barked endlessly, the peace and quiet is a delight. (Not that we didn’t love Butterscotch and Paris, of course, but they could be very loud!)

He’s still got his Diabetes Insipidus, but it is well controlled with eye drops. And he’s learned to walk so well that most people who don’t know him are surprised that he’s blind. (Until he walks into something, which kinda gives it away, but he doesn’t do that too often, especially if his seeing-eye people are on the ball.)

Two years ago, not too long after we got Bodhi, a friend of mine offered me a free beginning obedience class. Bodhi had probably lived a life of crushing boredom before we got him – he has calluses on his legs, which didn’t belong on a four year old dog. He probably never went anywhere or did anything, so the obedience class overwhelmed and overstimulated him. You can find that story here. 

But today, we started the class all over again, and what a change. The dog who couldn’t focus for two seconds did very well today.  He was ready to show off!

He knows many of the things covered in the class, but he’s not great with distractions, and what better was to practice managing distractions than in a class with other dogs and people. We had a good time today, and I suspect Bodhi will enjoy the rest of the classes as well. I know I will!

Bodhi is still Daddy’s dog, big time. I can get the leash out and call Bodhi for a walk, and he runs to Marley. I try not to feel too hurt about it. The two of them are inseparable.  (And I have the cats, after all.)  Bodhi is Marley’s 70 pound lap dog.

So that’s Bodhi, at the end of his second year with us. Happy Gotcha Day, just a little bit late, Bodhi. We’re hoping for a whole lot more years to come.


11 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicles: Gotcha Day 2018

    1. It is sweet. The two of them sit and watch movies together in their big chair.

      1. My vet actually laughed at me at Bodhi’s annual visit a few weeks ago when I said he was easy. She said “You have a blind dog with diabetes insipidus and you call him easy.” Yup, we do. The definition of easy.

      2. Easy is a flexible adjective. Hazel is easy except for medicating and she gets regular meds. Mollie is easy except she doesn’t eat when I put it down so someone else eats it. Gracie isn’t easy by any means. Morgan is perfect. Does he require medication for his condition?

      3. Bodhi is missing the anti-diaretic hormone in his body, so he leaks urine without even knowing it. He used to wake up in the morning and his bed was soaked. So he gets a drop of the hormone in his eyes morning and evening and problem solved. If we forget, we know it in a few hours!!

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