It’s so nice to have a sister who works in dog rescue and knows what puppies need. I’ve advised many clients over the years, but I haven’t raised a puppy of my own since…well, really ever. We had dogs growing up and they were probably puppies when we got them, but I didn’t have much responsibility for that part of things back then.  Kittens I have raised, and puppies I know a lot about, but knowing and doing are two different things. As I’m sure I’ll find out soon.

Today my sister sent a puppy care package.  The very practical cleaning solution that promises to remove the odor of pee and poop. Some fun squeaky toys…what puppy doesn’t love squeaky toys. And my favorite: two Snuggle Puppies.

The have a little device you stuff in the velcro pockets that makes the sound of a heartbeat, and you put this with your puppy to simulate sleeping with the litter. They are absolutely adorable and can’t wait to try them. I have a lot of insomnia myself…wonder if they help with that?!

I have one crate and a friend is giving me one she doesn’t need, so we’ll have a crate for downstairs and one for the bedroom. And I ordered the playpen my sister recommended to me today.

I had to laugh since it comes from the Cavalier Store, and if you remember, we’re getting a Cavalier puppy. Must have been meant to be.

We have lots of dog beds and dishes around, so no worries there. Little by little we are getting ready. I”m not sure when the puppies will be ready, but I’m thinking mid to late August. Just enough time to get harnesses and leashes and all the other little things we’ll need. Maybe I should throw a puppy shower!


5 thoughts on “Let the Puppy Preparations Begin

  1. Aw, how sweet! I wish they’d had those snuggle puppies when Callie and Shadow were puppies! Ducky was already used to sleeping alone in a crate by the time we adopted her. Well, Congratulations! I hope you all have a happy life together!

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