If you’re worried that I will flood you with a day-by-day account of Gracie, never fear. We’ll give her a little break time from blog world after today. There’s just so much we’ve been learning about each other in these first days…thought I’d share a bit more.

First of all, I think I should rename her Tigger, as in the Winnie the Poo character. She literally bounds when she’s outside. Such a riot!

Gracie did so well her first night with us. Looks like we will be getting some sleep after all. Either that, or she was just fooling with us the first night. She went to bed at 9:30 with me, and had a quick potty break at 11:30 when Marley came to bed. I woke up around 2:30, woke her up and took her out, and she slept until 6 when we got up. I don’t think it gets any easier than that with a puppy.

My sister, who volunteers with a dog rescue, sent Gracie some Snuggle Puppies, and they are a huge hit with her. She curls up with them each time she sleeps, even for a short nap.

Usually she sleeps like this, with her head across the puppy. She doesn’t seem to care of the little heartbeat is turned on or not. But she loves her Snuggle Puppies.

She has only had two accidents in two days, and both were my fault. Still learning her signals and schedule, but she’s done amazingly well so far.

Gracie also plays fetch…for a long time. She will fetch for about 20 minutes at a shot, which is a fantastic way to tire her out and keep her entertained, all at once. She even had some outings today. She went to visit my accountant’s office and was passed around and oohed and awwwed over. Then over to the vet’s office to pick up a Seresto collar (anti flea and tick) when she was held and loved on some more. Finally over to a friend’s house down the street this afternoon – her longest walk so far. She’s busy and active for perhaps an hour at a time, and then you can count on her sleeping for a good hour or two. Which means I can get some visits in and work done while she naps.

Bodhi is not as thrilled with Gracie as we’d like, but that’s not really surprising. Puppies are hard for blind dogs, and Bodhi is a bit too tolerant of her and just leaves the room when she starts bothering him. Or he climbs on the couch, where she can’t reach him. I’ve been teaching her about her bed and Bodhi’s bed, ’cause he needs his own spaces. And we’ve been making sure he gets lots of attention and love. One thing he’s enjoying is lunch. Because Gracie needs lunch, Bodhi now gets lunch too. He’s a lab…labs love food…and lunch is just fine with him, thank you.

A couple of the cats had no hesitation to correct Gracie. She’s gotten some growls and one swat that did no harm. Maybe the cats need to talk with Bodhi about corrections. The nice thing is that the corrections don’t really distress Gracie. She just takes them in stride and figures finding another playmate is in order. We have a small dog that lives next door and they met again today and it looks like they may be friends.

That’s the Gracie Chronicle for now. She’s a sweet little girl, and seems to learn very quickly too. She starts her puppy class in a month, and I bet she’ll do really well. We’re already working on not jumping! Four on the floor is the rule in this house. Even on day two in her new home. Might as well start things off right.


10 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Day Two

  1. So glad things are going well and looking forward to class! Blanche was a little lonely last night! And you are so right to start things off on the right foot on day 1!

    1. Poor Blanche! She needs a snuggle puppy. Gracie is so quick to learn. She’s going to love class.

  2. That snuggle puppy is a great idea! There are days I need one. You can never post too much about Gracie. This period of puppyhood is short and we all want to enjoy it. Love that the cats correct her. My old cat Jake was great at correcting new cats without harm. So necessary when everyone is finding their spot in a household.

    1. I think I need a snuggle puppy too…oh wait – that’s Gracie!! Gracie has realized the cats aren’t play toys and gives them a wide berth right now. Bodhi has yet to correct her, and she tackles him. We’ll have to see how that goes.

  3. what a cutie…….so glad bohdi is getting some extra attention and your respect for his needs is so awesome ! I hope he is doing well…..

    1. Thanks. Bodhi will be fine. Just needs some adjustment time and lots of love while he’s doing it. Maybe a special treat or two.

  4. I don’t mind daily updates, especially of such a cute pup like Gracie.

    Bodhi is dealing with Gracie just fine, it sounds like. He’s a sweet, gentle soul like my Shadow. *But* Shadow decided last week that she had finally had enough of Ducky’s pestering and told her off. We were all surprised, but now Ducky’s acting snarky towards her a lot again. Have to do something about that. Oh. This. Dog!

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