Almost three weeks with little Miss Gracie, and she continues to keep me on my toes, and also to delight us, all except Bodhi, who tries very hard to pretend she’s not here. Sigh. It would help if she wouldn’t jump in his face, but she probably won’t stop for good until he corrects her. She looks so innocent, and yet, she’s quite the character. (“Who, me?” she says.)

Gracie is amazing when it comes to training. She’s such a quick study, and eager to learn.  We’re doing clicker training, and she’s got “sit” down, and she’s getting pretty good with “down.” Just starting on “stand,” but she’s moving right along with “watch me.” We’ve only had her three weeks, and I just started really working with the clicker regularly about 9 days ago. I see lots of fun things in her future…rally,  nose work, maybe agility. Time will tell. She clearly loves training, my little rock star.

Gracie is also Miss Congeniality, and is quite sure that every person and dog in the world wants to greet her. We live just around the corner from all the schools so morning walks are  the perfect time to socialize her with kids, most of whom absolutely want to greet her if not pick her up. There’s a morning exercise class in the alley as well, and we’ve been instructed to be there between 6:30 – 7 am Tuesdays and Thursdays so the ladies can get their Gracie fix. We have a neighbor with two big labs, young and rowdy (which is probably redundant), and Gracie has absolutely no problem getting in the mix with them.

She got to spend some time with her sister last week, wrestling for an hour, and she loved it. (And she slept for 5 hours afterwards…woo hoo!) So I am working on play dates and puppy socials for her. A local pet store has puppy socials here and there, run by a dog trainer that I’m not sure I agree with completely. But we’ll go to one and see if it works for Gracie. I have some other play dates in the works as well. She likes her social time, and other puppies can wear her out a whole lot better than I can.

And the best news of the week, for me, is that she is now sleeping through the night. That’s pretty good for a three month old pup and it definitely works for me.

That’s the Gracie report for now. We’re just moving along, getting ready to start puppy class in another week and a half. Her mom was quite the star in training circles, and I’m betting that Gracie inherited a lot of those genes.

6 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Week Three: Born to Train

    1. Her breeder did a fantastic job of socializing her from the very beginning. It makes a huge difference in confidence.

  1. I can’t imagine anyone being able to resist that cute face, she is so adorable. I think enlisting young, energetic animals and kids to wear her down is great. I use the kids next door to give me a hand entertaining Bunny. She naps afterwards and it gives me a break from the constant discipline. Currently, she is climbing everything in sight. I’ve had to put away the breakables! This, too, shall pass!

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