Gracie is just about four months now…a few days shy, but who’s counting. I have had so little time to update folks here. She keeps me hopping and my pet sitting schedule is also very full right now. All of that is good, but blog time has been scarce.

Suffice it to say, for now, that she’s as bright as can be and loves training. All I have to do is get out my treat bag and clicker and she’s ready. She learns very quickly, and I bet she will make a wonderful therapy dog someday.

As a side note, we were asked to research our breed’s history for our puppy training class, and here’s my favorite line about Cavalier history (actually sort of their predecessors) from the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club website: “Often referred to as the Comforter Spaniel, they were very much in favor with the aristocracy during Tudor times when the ladies of the court found them very useful not only as companions and confidants but also as hot-water bottles and flea catchers.” Trying to think of Gracie as a hot-water bottle. I’d just as soon let her Seresto collar deal with the flea thing.

I am considering changing her name to “Awwww, ” because that’s what everyone says when they see her and I think she’s starting to think that’s her name! She loves people and people love her. The tellers and customer reps at my bank all came to see her and told me I could pick her up at 5 that evening. And the staff at my accountant’s office was all on the floor playing with her. Like I said …therapy dog someday. And even in her own way already.

Without further ado…cause I have to go visit a client dog…here’s Gracie. As the vet said yesterday, she gets more adorable by the day.

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