Gracie started her second class this morning, and we had a fabulous time. This is her Advanced Manners class, and it will be so much more challenging than puppy class for her – she’s going to love it. Class is 1 1/2 hours instead of an hour, and there is homework galore!! We are going to be very busy for the next four weeks with the nose work class and this one.

Gracie has to learn a new trick each week…I have to teach her a new trick each week. And this week I will be teaching her to give me her paw/shake. She already knows “touch” and the hand signals are very similar, so it will take a little bit of time to untangle that for her, but she’s a quick study.

One of the challenges for the week is to reinforce the “sit”  and  “down” commands but doing them with all sorts of distractions and craziness…like waving your hand in the air, or trying to get her to sit when your back is to her. Give me some challenging scenarios in the comments, and I’ll give them a try….within reason. I am not, for instance, going to stand on my head and give her commands, It has to be hard for her, not me!

She starts working on the “stay” command this week too, though she’s had a head start on that one with me already. But we’ll firm that up, and see if she can hold it for longer periods. Lots of other assignments too, We are both going to be tired.

Gracie got home from class, peed in the front yard, and then down she went. She’s enjoying her bed for now, and I suspect she’ll be there for a good part of the afternoon. Nothing like a challenging class to tired your dog out, and a tired dog is a good dog.

8 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Apres Class

    1. We will go for the CGC, but probably not just yet. I’m hoping she’ll be a therapy dog someday, so slowly working in that direction.

  1. I am in awe. I have cats and although there are few things I have trained them to do (really simple things like calling “dinner” and having them come), I don’t know if cats would be willing to learn tricks. Maybe I don’t have the patience. I just love your dog. She is so beautiful. Hugs.

    1. Cats are very good at learning clicker training – I did that with one of my cats because he was always bored. That said, cats are much better at training us than the reverse.

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