Meet my newest kitten fosters! These are terrible photos, but they just moved here a few hours ago, and they’re pretty timid still. And getting photos of kittens under couches is just a tad challenging, so I didn’t even try for nice photos. I’ll get around to a photo shoot with them when they’re settled in and more comfortable, but thought you might like to meet them.

They’re around four months, I think, and will be ready for furever homes in a few weeks. In the meantime they’re stuck with me!

This is Hera, the only female in the group, a pretty tuxedo:

And the misnamed Hades, a pretty tiger:

The two orange boys are Poseidon and Zeus, but I can’t tell which is which under the couch, so here they both are.

I caught a couple of them sleeping on the cat tree and the couch earlier, but they scooted back under the futon when I came to visit. So far I know they all love the cat dancer, and can’t resist playing with it, which gave me the opportunity to at least cuddle each of them briefly, though they weren’t too excited about that. I didn’t keep them long…just wanted them to get a few cuddles and chin rubs before tucking them in.

So I’ll be hanging with some Greek gods for the next while, and hopefully showing them a good time. Wish me luck!

PS – Popped in on the kittens before heading to bed, and they’re getting more comfortable in their new digs. Nice to see them out and sleeping up on cat trees and the futon. Good start.

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