Gracie’s growing up. At 6 1/2 months she’s starting to look more like a dog than a puppy.



She’s getting all the feathering around her legs. Her color has darkened, and she has more bulk to her. She’s still very much a puppy, but she’s starting to look more like what she’ll look like as an adult dog. And she actually went three days without a potty accident in the house this week…that’s a record!

Puppy or dog, however, she still looks like an angel when she sleeps.

Sweet dreams, little one.

4 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Dog Like

    1. Time flies fast! I was surprised to look at her the other day and see how different she looks.

  1. Aw, before you know it, she will be an adult. I look at my pix of Callie as a puppy and can’t believe they were taken 14+ years ago. Or of Shadow 14 years ago, and Ducky 6+ years ago. Embrace and enjoy every moment of Gracie’s puppyhood while you still can. But I know you know that anyway. 😊

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