Gracie is close to 7 months now, and so it was spay day today. Funny how I’ve been responsible for taking literally hundreds of cats to be spayed in the community cat program, but its different when it is your own critter, a dog in this case. She did fine, but she had to have a couple baby teeth pulled as well. They weren’t leaving on their own, and the adult teeth were ready to come in, so rather than risk the baby teeth not departing and risking a second surgery they were pulled. Gracie also startled everyone at the vet practice with her reaction to the pre-op shot. She screams louder than any dog I’ve ever met when she gets a shot. A true diva.

Grace is one weary pup this evening. No cat chasing, or much of anything else on her agenda. Mostly she was glad to curl up on my lap and sleep. Gave her some pain meds, and she’s resting comfortably. No interest in dinner so far, but that’s not terrible worrisome. Poor little girl.  For now, she’s wrapped in her fleece and a cloth e-collar, and curled up warm in her bed. Tomorrow’s bound to be a better day.

12 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Spay Day

    1. It seems to work to put a little spray cheese down to distract Gracie and then she’s okay, but otherwise, what a racket!!!

  1. Keep us updated on her recovery which I hope goes smoothly and fast. Have a great holiday with the new family member. Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw, bless her sweet little heart! Callie and Shadow were worn-out little pups when they were spayed, too. But they were fine the next day. Gracie should be feeling better soon.

    1. She has already bounced back, thankfully. Now the trick is keeping her calm and a little bit quiet for the next day or two. Chances of success are about 50/50!

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