Well, Gracie’s challenges with her recovery from the spay continue. She had to go back to the vet a second time Friday evening because pink fluid was leaking from her spay scar. Just a tiny whole the size of a pin prick, but they wanted to check her anyway.

Turns out she has just been too active and fluid has built up inside and is pressing on the spay scar. Keeping a seven month old puppy quiet is no easy task. Putting her in her playpen causes her to jump and bang on the structure and bark to be released, so not really a help in keeping her quiet and calm. We failed at the keeping her quiet part, so now she has the fluid build up, called a seroma.

The solution: sedation. Poor Gracie not only has her e-collar now, but she’s getting a sedative a couple times a day.  Along with some antibiotics.

She didn’t respond well at first. Utter panic on her part about 20 minutes after the pill. Fast heartbeat. The poor little one had no idea what was going on. So I sat with her for a few hours and comforted her, and by bedtime she was calmer, walking fine, and doing well. She got the sedative this morning again, and she slept a good part of the day, which is the idea for a few days. By dinner time she was ready to chase cats and conquer the world again, so another sedative. I’m hoping one more day of staying calm and quiet will do the trick. Her spay scar looks much better already. Family coming for Christmas Day so I’m hoping she will be in good shape by then, though a sedative that day won’t hurt either!! She’s adapted to them pretty quickly, thankfully.

I have to say that I really enjoy learning these things. Medicine utterly fascinates me, and the body is amazing. Too bad I’m lousy at science. Maybe I’ll be better at it in the next life and be a vet then.

7 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Sedation!

  1. Best wishes for Gracie’s recovery without further complications. I hope she gets over the anxiety she felt when the medicine’s effects take hold, and that she’s a good girl when you have to give her medicine. With all your fur friends, I suspect you have more than sufficient experience giving cats and dogs medicine!

    1. All the critters do give me plenty of experience. My own medical degree school right at home!

  2. She sounds like my old cat Jake. After his neutering, he was bouncing off walls. We had at least one follow up trip to the vet (neurotic owner syndrome although that’s not the case here). I just want to hug her and tell her it will be ok. Christmas, company, yikes! Hope she is much better by then. All that excitement is crack for a puppy.

    1. Yikes is right for the holiday. 4 additional adults, one 4 week old granddaughter, and 1 2 year old graddaughter. Should be quite the adventure!! I may sedate her just because.

  3. Aw, poor little one! I enjoy learning all that “stuff”, too – which is one reason why I took the vet assistant course last year – but at the same time my heart breaks to see a pup or any other animal not feeling well.

    1. She’s doing much better today and spay scar is looking good. I’m hoping we can cut out the sedation tomorrow and the cone in another day after that.

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