I have discovered the secret to getting better at photography. It is to have an animal like Gracie who is so photogenic, and who loves the camera so much that it really doesn’t matter what I do with the camera. Is that cheating??

8 thoughts on “Gracie (Again)

  1. Yes, that’s cheating. I have only one cat like that, Mollie. I have two grays that are difficult to photograph and a tabby that’s just a bit chubby and I have to work with her angles. Except for my gray Gracie who is photographed all the time because she’s crazy (and most are blurred), I have more beautiful shots of Mollie and anyone else (human or feline!). I love seeing pictures of your Gracie though. She warms my heart.

      1. Surprisingly I got some very good pictures of my black cat Jake as long as he wasn’t under or behind something. His coat was so shiny there was always a reflection. I’m a tails and butt kind of photographer when it comes to cats.

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