The email arrived in my inbox this week. Time for Gilda’s annual vet visit and some vaccinations. Which means Gilda has been with us a little over a year now. She was too sick when she first arrived to get her rabies and distemper vaccines, but she got them early January last year and it is time for her to get the three-year versions now.

Gilda now

Gilda was one of three cats who were evicted from their home when their people were. They put them out around November last year, when it was already cold. Thanks to the kindness of the contractor working on renovating the property, they came into our Derry Cats program. I wrote about their story here.

Gilda had all kinds of upper respiratory problems and we went through seven antibiotics and two cultures before we realized she also had asthma as an underlying problem. I taught her to use an inhaler and she finally got well. Oddly, she only needed the inhaler for a couple of months and hasn’t needed it since, but if she should come down with another URI, I still keep it handy.

Gilda a year ago

She’s been with us a year now. I didn’t think an asthmatic cat had much of a chance of finding another home, so we’re home for her. She doesn’t much care for some of our resident cats. She and Minh play chicken with each other, getting closer and closer as they each growl and hiss at each other. After months and months of this I’ve finally stopped intervening. They almost never fight, and someone always relents and moves away. Maybe it’s a game for them.

She’s staked out the dining room as mostly hers. Minh has the living room most of the time, and Hiro has the back cat room, with Lily in the upstairs cat room, and peace reigns…mostly.

So happy first year anniversary (sort of) Gilda, and happy new year to all of those of you reading here. May 2019 bring you many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I look forward to hearing about them in your blogs!

6 thoughts on “Happy First Year

  1. It’s funny how cats claim their space. Each of my cats has their preferred although three will congregate in the family room in the evening. Mollie only visits downstairs occasionally. I’m so glad that Gilda is healthy now. I remember the inhaler stories.

    1. Cats do best with space when they need it. That’s one of the reasons we can’t move to a smaller place just yet! There would be all out cat wars. The things we do for the felines…

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