After a few week’s break Gracie started up on classes again today. This one is called “Outdoor Adventures,” and thankfully it won’t all be outdoors at this time of year, but it was mild today and we were, indeed, outdoors. The class takes place at a different location each week and we do basic obedience training, but in high distraction environments. So we ran through all kinds of obedience things today, but outside, with traffic noises and other dogs and handlers, and all sorts of smells and good distractions. And Gracie, in her usual form, did really well. She loves training more than any dog I’ve ever met. Given that her mom had 7 obedience and other titles by the time she was 1 1/2, Gracie seems to be following in her mom’s footsteps.

And one of the very best parts of class is this:

An hour of training, and training outside, and with high distractions = one tired pup. And a tired dog, as they say, is a good dog.

Speaking of good dogs, Gracie has gone four days without having an accident in the house. She is fine with the new routine, and I added a couple of pieces to it as well. At the suggestion of one of the other bloggers here who has decades of dog experience, I’ve started training Gracie in the upstairs hallway where she likes to pee. I’ve always done a little there, but we’re stepping it up, and doing food puzzles there too. The hope is that she’ll start seeing the space as part of her living space and she won’t want to pee in her living space.

The other add-on is a tie-out in the back yard. She’s never going to be left there unsupervised, but she’s adapted very quickly to going out on the tie-up and doing her business and coming back in. We had to dig up some gardens since they had plants she shouldn’t eat, but we got her a small space right outside the door, and I’m hoping she learns to go to that door when she needs to potty eventually. She’s only had walks for her business prior to this, so we’ll see if this kind of approximates a fenced-in yard.

That’s the Gracie report for now. And just a random photo to end…didn’t fit in a blog anywhere, but it was kinda cute. Out for a winter walk a few days ago.

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    1. Thanks, Katrin. And thanks for the suggestion of training in her potty areas. Hopefully she is getting the message!!

  1. She’s coming along. Erma Bombeck said that kids (and dogs too) are like kites. Some take more pulling to get them up in the air soaring. She’s on her way.

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