Mystique is making very good progress, though you wouldn’t know it from this morning’s photo:

By the end of today, however, this was Mystique:

She still lives under the futon, but she lets me pull her out easily, and she is absolutely craving chin rubs and cuddling. She starts to move away for a moment, and then thinks better of it and comes back to my lap or next to me for some more loving. The fact that she doesn’t have other cats to pal around with and that I’m the only game in town is part of the equation, and a deliberate one. Sometimes you have to separate the shy ones from the pack in order to help them fall in love with people.

She’s eating some now, and I’ve discovered that tuna is a high-value treat for her, which will help me with clicker-training when she’s ready. Boiled chicken often works with cats too, and I’ll check that out as well.

But the best sign is that she’s starting to play with interactive toys, particularly my cat dancer, which she’s holding in the second photo above. She’s not playing all out crazy yet, but she’s interested and I’m hoping that her interest will help me get her out playing in the middle of the room soon. She’s sticking to the edges of the room or the sofa for now, and those aren’t confident places.

For just two days, however, she’s doing very well. I really couldn’t ask for much more. Paws crossed that her progress continues!

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    1. A little bit of tough love, and hopefully not for too long, but loneliness makes the heart grow fonder, and I’m her solution to loneliness for the moment. But she’s a fabulous cat and hopefully we can get her a fabulous home. Love your blog and your dog book, btw!

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