Meet the newest foster: Ruby.

Mystique went back to the rescue, a little unexpectedly. We were planning to have our bedroom floor replaced late February or early March, and the contractor called a week ago and wanted to know if we were ready. No! But we got ready really quick, and that included moving into the foster room for a bit. Mystique is doing well back with her peeps and still looking for her forever home. The rescue is open space for the cats, not crates, so she’s doing fine. I hear she likes to sleep on the dryer!

At any rate, our foster room is back in business, now that we’ve moved back into our bedroom, and Ruby needed a place to dry out. She’s a very young mom who had six kittens. They’re weaned now, and Ruby needs to be away from kittens and such to dry out so she can be spayed and start to look for her forever home.

Since we just picked her up this evening I don’t know a lot about her yet, except that she hasn’t got a shy bone in her body…total lovebug. Likes to talk, and is really good at escaping. She can be all the way across the room when you’re leaving and you can close the door and she’s on the same side as you and you never saw it coming.

Looking forward to getting to know this little lovebug…stay tuned for Ruby stories.

13 thoughts on “Ruby

    1. Katrin, is there a way to sign up to receive your new blog? I couldn’t find it, and I would love to keep getting it!

      1. Glad you found it! I’ll ask the web developer to move the sign up link to an easier to find spot, thanks for letting me know!

      2. I think it is fine…I don’t know how I missed it when you first posted about the new site. Space cadet!!

  1. I so love chatty cats. Piper never stops talking and now she has taught Parker how much fun it is to start talking in the middle of the night!!

    1. Ruby did a great deal of talking overnight, but seems to have calmed a little this morning after some cuddles. Probably a little stressed with the new place.

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