Some weeks ago, I promised you photos of Bodhi doing his Nosework. His 4th class was today and I finally got a few photos for you. These are with my phone camera and won’t win any photo awards, but they’ll give you the idea.

Bodhi really seems to enjoy the nosework class. Watching him search and Gracie are two very different experiences. Gracie is a little tornado, running into the search area and frantically searching everywhere for the hidden treat. Bodhi, perhaps because he is blind, is methodical. Often he’ll search the whole perimeter and then decide where to go from there. The instructor noticed, too, today that he can be hesitant to search in areas that are new to him, which isn’t a surprise for any dog, much less a blind one. But he finds his treat eventually, and sometimes quite quickly. There was one placed right at the entrance to the search area today (called a threshhold hide) and he found it before even entering.

With no further ado, here’s Bodhi, working away.

Found one!

Always gravitating toward the instructor who has a treat or two in her hand still.

Almost there…

Found it!

Bodhi, perhaps because his first guardian didn’t seem to do anything with him, tends to be a bit of a slug. We think he just got used to doing nothing all the time the first four years of his life, and he still tends in that direction except when he’s out on his beloved walks four times a day. So it is a lot of fun to watch him work for the treats, to have to concentrate and try new things. My guess is that he’s having a blast…hope so anyway!

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  1. You have done so much with him! I am surprised he wasn’t put down when they realized he was blind. That would have been a shame as he seems like such a good dog.

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